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Most of us may have blogs/sites and adsense is one of the widely used advertiser on your site so that you get paid from it.

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Yes,it pays for ad views also .. and more rates for ad clicks..

Minimum payout is 50$ and payment is done through paypal..
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A video to make the thing more clear..

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Alertpay - Better than paypal..

Alertpay is a new online banking site which is becoming more and more popular..

And do you know that transactions through alert pay is more easier than paypal.
Security for your money is also guaranteed.

Its a very good site..

Paypal asks you for your credit card details for verifying the account.But, Alertpay doesnt need any credit card details.
You just need an address proof or photo proof.

You can also use it without verifying.. No problem..

AlertPay is simply a superb online bank..

So,what are you waiting for ?

Having an AlertPay account is a credit for you.. So,open one now itself ..

AlertPay will act as a bank in your online trading , business , online jobs etc..
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